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Primary Concepts
Active Learning for PreK-3 and Special Needs



Common Core State Standards Correlations 

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Alphabet Letter Tiles/Learning with Letter Tiles Guidebook Ready to Read Nursery Rhymes
Build-A-Sentence Cubes Ready To Read: Read Along Songs
Building Words Library Sight Word Center
Fast Facts Addition Subtraction Sight Word Sentences
First Phonics Studio Sound Sorting with Objects
Guided Word Building Spelling Demons Practice Kit
Hands-On Alphabet Stop to Think
High Frequency Words Practice Kit Story and Poem Kit
Letter Tile Word Puzzles Tales and Tiles
Magnetic Bigger Words Kit The Phonics Factory
Magnetic Build and Write The Road to Reading
Moveable Alphabet Think and Draw
Number Tile Puzzles Vocabulary Development Center/Realia Guidebook
Primary Concepts Literacy Centers Vowel Power Kit
Phonemic Awareness Word Building Activity Center
Primary Writing Center Word Building Kit
Reading Comprehension Puppets Word Family Center
Rime Power Kit Word of the Day
Ready To Read: Alphabet Sounds Word Ladder Kit
Ready To Read: Poetry Word Problem of the Day
Reading Fluency Intervention Kit Word Wall Kit/Word Wall Work