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Students will love learning the letters and their sounds hands-on as they make special deliveries to the 26 rainbow-colored mailboxes. Whether delivering letters in ABC order or matching upper and lowercase letters, the guide’s sequential activities provide a fun, hands-on way to master the alphabet. Each mailbox includes a pull-down mail slot for easy delivery of parcels, and slide-open bottoms for convenient removal.

The teacher’s guide includes 10 sequential activities, each with a hands-on lesson (perfect for small-group instruction) and follow-up activities that provide fun practice and engaging vocabulary games. These activities are perfect for integrating multisensory learning into your classroom lessons. Performance assessments and mailbox-themed reproducible pages are also included.

Kit includes 26 sturdy plastic mailboxes in 6 colors, alphabet stickers, 78 miniature alphabet objects (3 for each letter), 92 plastic letter tiles (26 uppercase and 66 lowercase), sorting basket, and a step-by-step teacher’s guide with reproducibles.

Alphabet Post Office
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Grade Level: K - 1


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
2004 Alphabet Post Office $199.00K-1
26 mailboxes in 6 colors, alphabet stickers, 78 alphabet objects, 92 plastic letter tiles, sorting basket, and a step-by-step teacher’s guide with reproducibles.
5203 Sorting Mailboxes $29.95PreK-3
Realistic, durable plastic mailboxes! 6 different colors - 6 1/2"H × 3"W × 2 1/4"D.
2020 Hands-On Alphabet $99.95PreK-1
Includes 78 objects (3 for each letter), 26 sorting cups with labels, two sets of upper and lowercase letter cards, upper and lowercase sequencing cards, and plastic organizing basket with comprehensive guidebook.
1056 Alphabet Pocket Chart $49.95PreK-1
This attractive blue and green chart has one pocket for each letter, to store corresponding Alphabet Objects, alphabet letters, or cards. Measures 30" by 20".

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