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Optional materials to help make FREEPhonics even better!

Includes 4 sets of Alphabet Letter Tiles (384 tiles), 4 sets of Phonics Pattern Tiles (136 tiles), Organizer Tray, 20 laminated Word Building Mats, and Phonics Readers Complete Set (one copy each of all 40 books, 50 tiles, guidebooks, downloadable CD to print out copies of the books, and storage box).

FREEPhonics Small Group Materials Package
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Grade Level: K - 2


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
3907 Small Group Materials Package $249.00K-2
Everything you need to teach FREEPhonics - includes letter tiles, tray, phonics patterns tiles, mats and 40 Tales and Tiles Phonics Readers.
3908 Whole Class Materials Package $499.00K-2
20 sets of Alphabet Letter Tiles, 5 organizers, 20 sets of Phonics Pattern Tiles, Organizer Tray, 20 Word Building Mats, and Phonics Readers Complete Set.
1400 Alphabet Letter Tiles 1-Sided $10.95K-3
Each set contains between 2 and 4 of each letter in the alphabet, and 26 capital letters. 94 letters in all, including 2 apostrophes.
4011 Phonics Pattern Tiles $24.95K-2
Each set includes 34 plastic tiles 1 -1/4" tall . Vowel pairs are red, consonant pairs are black. 4 sets (136 tiles in all).
7400 Letter Tile Organizer $12.95PreK+
Store and organize all your alphabet letters or other small items in this versatile, clear plastic container. 13.7" x 8.6" x 1.37" deep, with 32 fixed compartments, push-tight lid, and tile layout guide.
3903 Word Building Mats $11.95K-3
These laminated 9" by 6" mats are the perfect work space for building words. Write and wipe. Set of 20.
3917 FREEPhonics book $17.95K-2
Soft cover, perfect bound book, 112 pages. Same contents as eBook.
5267 Tales and Tiles™ Phonics Readers Complete Set $159.00K-2
Set includes all 40 books, 50 matching tiles, plus Guidebook, CD, and storage box.

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