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Sound Sorting Kit

Invite children to sort Spanish words by the sounds they hear in them, analyze whole words, compare and contrast word elements, and discriminate among similar sounds.

There are 23 initial letter sounds including Spanish digraphs (ch, ll, rr) blends in various positions within the word, plus some dual vowel combinations. You can sort by initial sound and number of syllables, plus discriminate among various spellings for identical sounds (b/v).

Also available for English students.

Conjunto para clasificar sonidos
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Grade Level: K - 2


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
3211 Conjunto para clasificar sonidos $129.99K-2
Includes 91 objects, 91 word cards, 23 letter label cards, 4 two-sided sorting mats, Teaching Notes, and sturdy storage box.
1040 Sound Sorting Objects: Initial Consonants $139.99PreK-2
Use this engaging sound sorting kit to help children distinguish between 20 initial consonant sounds, building phonemic awareness. Start with easy contrasts and progress to harder ones such as p vs b. Contains 100 appealing objects; four mats; cards with a target sound and illustration.

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