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From the simplest CVC words through blends, digraphs, diphthongs, consonant and vowel pairs, and r-controlled vowels, FREEPhonics introduces the building blocks of reading with sequential lessons that are fun and designed to ensure success!

82 step-by-step lessons introduce phonics patterns one-by-one, then contrast each new pattern with similar patterns. Children build critical phonemic awareness skills as they listen for differences in words. They enjoy the hands-on word building as they construct words by adding, switching, and removing letters one-by-one, and tend to easily retain their understandings of how letters go together to make words.Perfect bound, 112 pages.

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FREEPhonics (book)
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Grade Level: K - 2

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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
3917 FREEPhonics book $17.95
Soft cover, perfect bound book, 112 pages.
1400 Alphabet Letter Tiles 1-Sided $10.99K-3
Each set contains between 2 and 4 of each letter in the alphabet, and 26 capital letters. 94 letters in all, including 2 apostrophes.
4011 Phonics Pattern Tiles $24.99K-2
Each set includes 34 plastic tiles 1 -1/4" tall . Vowel pairs are red, consonant pairs are black. 4 sets (136 tiles in all).
7400 32-Compartment Classroom Organizer $12.99PreK+
Store and organize all your alphabet letters or other small items in this versatile, clear plastic container. 13.7" x 8.6" x 1.37" deep, with 32 fixed compartments, push-tight lid, and tile layout guide.
3903 Word Building Mats $11.99K-3
These laminated 9" by 6" mats are the perfect work space for building words. Write and wipe. Set of 20.
5267 Tales and Tiles™ Phonics Readers Complete Set $159.99K-2
Set includes all 40 books, 50 matching tiles, plus Guidebook, CD, and storage box.

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