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Build-A-Sentence Cubes

This innovative language tool lets you build sentences with high frequency words, then change or rearrange the elements in those sentences. Build simple, one-verb sentences or experiment with more complex two-verb combinations. Conjugate verbs like gustar and ir in up to four tenses, and build sentences with other irregular verbs (ser, estar, dar, tener, querer, poder, saber, and haber).

Experiment with singular and plural forms of the verbs, and make nouns agree with a wide range of adjectives, including color, size, possessives, and more.

Ask yes/no questions and practice other interrogative words. Reply in affirmative or negative statements, and practice positioning of single or double (in)direct object pronouns.

Students will love building sentences with these truly outstanding manipulatives. Each color-coded 9-cube set has a grammar focus and includes punctuation marks. 54 precision-made plastic cubes in all, plus Teaching Notes.

Bloques formaoraciones
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Grade Level: 1 - 3

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3205 Bloques formaoraciones $49.991-3
Spanish Build-A-Sentence Cubes. 54 precision-made plastic cubes in all, plus Teaching Notes.
1775 Build-A-Sentence Cubes $49.99
Includes 54 color-coded cubes, plus teaching guide.

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