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Designed for differentiation, cards help students learn how to visually scan text more efficiently so that they feel more confident attempting new texts or expressing their thoughts in writing. Phrases include many from Frys sight word list. All cards are laminated, and the set includes two blank cards for write-on/wipe-off use. 50 each 8" x 2".

50 Sight-Word Phrases
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Grade Level: PreK - 4

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133025 50 Sight-Word Phrases for Developing Readers $7.99PreK-2
Includes three- and four-word phrases, including a wide range of common words such as went, our, and see; and it also uses known words to construct longer phrases found in conventional reading. 50 each 8" x 2"
133026 50 Sight-Word Phrases for Emergent Readers $7.99PreK-K
Includes two-word phrases that build on single sight word knowledge and it also provides repeated exposure to most common cores such as the, I, & you. 50 each 8" x 2"
133027 50 Sight-Word Phrases for Transitional Readers $7.991-4
Includes three and four-word phrases that mirror typical reading patterns, multi-syllabic sight words, such as away, under, and going, and it also combines the most common words with a wider range of other sight words. 50 each 8" x 2"
133028 50 Sight-Word Phrases for Fluent Readers $7.991-4
Includes three- and four-word phrases, including contractions; complex sight words including those often confused, such as because, before, and behind, and it also includes phrases found in questions and compound sentences. 50 each 8" x 2"

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