Sensory Learning for PreK-5 and Special Needs
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Start building a lifelong love of words with these interesting, ten-minute-a-day, oral vocabulary activities. Comprehensive, stimulating word introductions provided for the teacher engage children, and lead them quickly to correct usage. They will act out word meaning, draw pictures, find lots of ways to use each word, and more. Watch them glow as they impress people with all the silver dollar words they know. 192 pages. Spiral bound.

Word of the Day
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Grade Level: K - 3


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1272 Word of the Day $15.99K-3

1254 Idiom of the Week $13.99K-3

3916 Word of the Day: Synonyms $13.99K-3

3914 Word Problem of the Day $15.99K-2


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