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Help children build phonemic awareness with this giant set of 522 illustrated picture cards. Most pictures are one-syllable words for easy target-sound identification. Self-checking cards are 2-1/2" x 2" with word on reverse.

This huge assortment of beautifully illustrated color sound sorting picture cards will give children practice in sorting words by the sounds they hear in them. They will connect these sounds to letters and letter combinations. Target sounds are easy to locate because most words contain only one syllable.

Complete Kit includes:

  • Initial Consonant Sounds
  • Rhymes
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Blends and Digraphs
  • Final Consonant Sounds
  • Divided Organizer Box
  • Sound Sorting guidebook
  • Green Pocket Chart

Includes sturdy storage box with labeled dividers-the perfect compliment to small-group lessons, games and center activities. Or buy only the sets you need individually.

Complete Sound Sorting with Pictures Kit
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Grade Level: PreK - 2


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Attached Files: Hands-On Guide

Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1064 Sound Sorting w/ Pictures Kit $199.99PreK-2
Complete Kit includes: 522 picture cards in Divided Organizer Box, Sound Sorting guidebook and green hanging 17" x 25" Economy Pocket Chart.
1109 Sound Sorting Set plus Portable Pocket Chart $269.99PreK-2
All five picture card sets (522 picture cards), in divided organizer box, with guidebook. Plus royal blue Portable Pocket Chart, 20" w x 18" h, with 9 pockets for tabletop, with back storage pocket and divider strips.
1070 Sound Sorting with Pictures Initial Consonants $44.99PreK-2
Begin sound sorting with easier distinctions like /t/ vs /m/ and move on to more difficult ones such as /f/ vs /v/. 124 picture cards, 20 consonant label cards.
1071 Sound Sorting Pictures Vowels $44.99PreK-2
Long vowels, short vowels, variant vowels, diphthongs, and r-influenced vowels are all explored in this sound sorting kit. 115 sound sorting picture cards and 18 vowel label cards.
1072 Sound Sorting Pictures Rhymes $44.99PreK-2
This sound sorting kit lets children analyze 25 rhyme families, some of which have more than one spelling pattern. Includes 96 picture cards, 20 rhyme ending label cards.
1073 Sound Sorting Pictures Blends & Digraphs $44.99PreK-2
As they use these picture cards, children learn to distinguish between words that have beginning digraphs and beginning and ending blends. 92 picture cards, 19 letter sound labels and teaching notes.
1074 Sound Sorting Pictures Final Consonants $44.99PreK-2
Children will first sort words such as pin vs pig, then move on to bus vs brush. Final digraphs are included in this set. 95 picture cards, 18 consonant label cards, and Teaching Notes.
1934 Portable Pocket Chart $79.99
Measures 20" wide by 18" high, with 10 rows and 8 Sorting Strips to emphasize the distinctions between your sorts. Includes back storage pocket; folds flat.
1077 Economy Pocket Chart $24.99
This sturdy, colorful chart is perfect for displaying Sound Sorting Picture Cards, sentence strips, or any other classroom materials. Measures 17" by 25" with 9 rows of clear pockets.
1045 Sorting Mats (4) $11.99
Use these big, sturdy, laminated mats to create all kinds of sorting activities. Set of four two-sided sorting mats with two, three, four, or five columns on a side. Measures 10.25" x 14.75".
1208 Sound Sorting with Picture Cards $159.00K-3
Five boxes of picture cards for initial sounds, vowel sounds, rhyming words, blends, and digraphs. Guidebook not included.

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