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This huge collection of enticing miniatures will bring new life to your phonics lessons. Objects represent all the phonemes you teach primary students, organized alphabetically into sturdy drawers for instant access. There are objects for beginning letters, medial vowels, ending consonants, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, rhymes, and more.

The Phonics Factory guidebook provides management tips, activity ideas, and word lists to help you find the perfect objects to illustrate any phonics concept.


  • 150 objects
  • 24-drawer cabinet
  • The Phonics Factory guidebook
  • drawer labels
  • Matching word cards for all objects

Objects also sold separately.

The Phonics Factory
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Grade Level: K - 2



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Attached Files: Download Hands-On Guidebook

Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
4113 The Phonics Factory $359.99K-2
Includes: 150 objects, 24-drawer cabinet and labels, guidebook, and word cards for all objects.
4114 Phonics Factory Objects Only $159.99K-2
Purchase just the 150 enticing miniatures to bring new life to your phonics lessons. Objects only.
1017 Moveable Alphabet Letters $39.99PreK-3
One set, contains 10 of each lowercase vowel, 5 of each lower case consonant and two sets of uppercase letters. 207 plastic letters in all.

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