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Avoid dangerous crystalline silica with the safest playsand available!

Did you know that most sand sold in hardware stores, including some sands labeled as "play sand" contain crystalline silica dust--an EPA and OSHA regulated carcinogen? The State of California requires a cancer and health risk warning label on play sand containing crystalline silica. That is because most of the bagged sand found in today's stores is not natural sand, but is actually derived from quarried quartz rocks. The dust from such sand is regulated by OSHA and known to cause fatal lung conditions. Beautiful white crystalline Silica-Free Sensory Sand is regularly tested and certified safe, and is the perfect texture for creating sand castles and sand sculptures.

Sensory Playtivity™ Silica-Free Sensory Sand
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Grade Level: PreK - 5


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
2023 Silica-Free Sensory Sand - 1/2 lb $1.79PreK+
1/2 pound of sand. Refill for 2011 Letter Formation Sand Tray.
2024 Silica-Free Sensory Sand - 1 lb $2.99PreK+
1 pound of sand. Refill for 3003 Word Formation Sand Tray.

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