Sensory Learning for PreK-5 and Special Needs
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The 5-in-1 motivational tool that’s so easy to use!
CLASS ACTION adds FUN to every classroom!

Class Action’s five intuitive modes have endless applications in every classroom, for all ages. You’ll marvel at the new engagement and motivation Class Action brings to any competition or choice.

You and your students will think up countless new ways to use it every day! One year unconditional warranty. Uses 3 "C" batteries. (Battery life in typical classroom operation is 6 months- 2 years, but varies according to usage.)

SCORE - Keeps score for two teams or players. Just press the button to award points-rewards winners with a dazzling sound and light show!

DICE - Just press the button to "roll the dice" and determine how many points the question is worth, who goes first, you name it!

SPIN - Flashing lights chase rapidly round and round "wheel of fortune" style, then slower and s-l-o--w---e----r until they stop on the chosen one!

FLIP - A virtual coin toss at the touch of a button...Great probability and chance demonstration too!

SFX - Reward and raspberry sound effects on demand!

Class Action
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Grade Level: PreK - 5

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Video File: Class Action Demo Sound File:Sample Sound Effects

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7505 Class Action $79.99All grades
The 5-in-1 motivational tool that’s so easy to use! About 14"H x 6"W x 6" D, uses 3 "C" batteries.

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