Sensory Learning for PreK-5 and Special Needs
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Math, reading, spelling, science, you name it! Creating unlimited games is a snap with this unique new classroom gameboard!

Large, top-quality 5" spinner features a super-strong magnet that sticks to either side of the write-on, wipe-off gameboard. 6 game spaces on one side, 10 on the other. 12" x 12".

For use with wipe-off marker pens (not included).

Magnetic Spinner Gameboard
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Grade Level: PreK - 5


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1827 Magnetic Spinner Gameboard $34.99PreK-5
12" x 12" two-sided, magnetic write & wipe gameboard with one 5" spinner. One side has 6 spaces, the other 10.
1828 Magnetic Spinners $7.99PreK-5
Extra large 5" spinners. Package of 3.
1378 Wipe-Off Marker Pens $8.95
Pre K-5
Set of four markers (black, purple, green, and red) for write & wipe boards.
1045 Sorting Mats (4) $11.99
Use these big, sturdy, laminated mats to create all kinds of sorting activities. Set of four two-sided sorting mats with two, three, four, or five columns on a side. Measures 10.25" x 14.75".

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